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Joshua Datánt Villarreal, a California native now based in Texas, primarily operates in the vibrant musical scenes of Austin, San Antonio, Nashville, Los Angeles, and the Bay area. Hailing from Los Angeles, Josh's artistic journey began in the eclectic beach community of Venice. His early fascination with both film and music led him to pick up the guitar at the age of ten, eventually mastering fifteen different instruments. 

By 2008, Josh had transitioned into professional music, undertaking roles as a singer-songwriter, producer, film composer, and artist manager. His extensive catalog spans various styles and genres, encompassing hundreds of songs for his projects, other bands, solo artists, and diverse musical endeavors. 

In 2011, Josh collaborated with renowned producer Gordon Raphael, known for his work with The Strokes and Regina Spektor. Together, they established a recording studio in San Antonio and embarked on the ambitious goal of starting a record label, although the label never came to fruition. This experience spurred Josh to channel his creative energies into writing songs for what would later become Datánt. 

In 2014, Josh founded Datánt, serving as the band's sole permanent member, chief songwriter, producer, and manager. During this period, he achieved notable success, touring extensively, performing sold-out shows and showcases, and collaborating with Anthony Braun Perry and Scott Montoya, both formerly of the indie rock band The Growlers, in various recording studios. For Datánt, Josh took on an instrumental role in the studio, playing all parts except the drums, and subsequently released their music. 

However, the global pandemic in 2020 forced a hiatus in Josh's career, providing him with a much-needed break from the rigors of touring and the associated exhaustion. Over the past few years, Josh has mainly focused on songwriting and producing, but he has recently returned to film scoring, with several film projects in the pipeline. 

In 2023, Josh embarked on a new chapter by enrolling in the Dark Horse Institute, a recording studio and school based in Nashville. He opted for the music business online course under the mentorship of renowned studio owner John Lucasey, further enhancing his expertise. During this period, he was invited to manage the career of Texas country singer and solo artist Marcy Grace, a role he embraced upon the encouragement of Lucucasey to do so Josh took on the role. Josh also graduated from Dark Horse Institute with a 4.0 and at the top of his class and was offered an internship with Lucasey's management company Lucasey Getter Creative Management, which Josh happily accepted. He also began work scoring two films, both directed by Amanda Kasmira Cryer, as  well as a horror film directed and produced by production company Insomniac Films. 

Recovery Journey

The year 2021 would prove to be a turning point for Josh Datánt. Faced with the harsh reality of his situation, Josh made the courageous decision to confront his demons and pursue a life of sobriety. Supported by friends, family, and a dedicated recovery community, he embarked on the challenging yet rewarding journey of breaking free from the chains of addiction.

Josh's personal triumph over addiction fueled his desire to give back to others facing similar struggles. Harnessing his own experiences, he embraced the role of a recovery advocate, becoming a source of inspiration for those navigating the difficult path to sobriety. Through sharing his story, he aimed to break the stigma surrounding addiction and offer a guiding light to those in need.

In his quest for healing, Josh discovered the powerful role that music played in his recovery journey. Turning to his passion for music, he found a therapeutic outlet that allowed him to express his emotions, channeling the highs and lows of his journey into creative endeavors. Music became not only a means of self-expression but also a tool for connecting with others on a profound level.

Josh Datánt's story is one of resilience, redemption, and the transformative power of recovery. Through his advocacy work and musical endeavors, he continues to inspire others to find their own harmony in sobriety. By sharing his journey, Josh has become a living testament to the fact that with determination, support, and the healing power of music, one can overcome the darkest of times and emerge into a life of fulfillment, purpose, and sobriety.

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