Josh Datánt Villarreal

                                                                                 27 Hein rd Boerne, Tx, 78006




I am seeking opportunities where I can utilize my knowledge and skill sets as a multi instrumentalist musical artist to benefit future clients and gain further experience in the music industry as a music producer, film composer, music supervisor and songwriter. 


Skills & Qualifications

  • Proficient with Logic Pro X & Pro Tools
  • Recording
  • Editing, and Mixing
  • Multi Instrumentalist
  • Composing
  • Song Writing
  • Film Scoring 



  • Project Management
  • Music Production
  • Live Music Promotion
  • Live Music Performance
  • Session Set Up & Tear Down
  • Ability to adapt to a variety of situations while incorporating great troubleshooting skills



Experience & Work History  

Dark Horse Music Business real world project:                                    March 2023-August 2023

Included band management with real artists, tour budgeting, booking, brand building, tracking social media data and website management, promotion/press, sync and publishing opportunities and a real world pitch to several industry professionals such as record label owners, a&r reps, and label managers.


Lucasey Getter Creative Management internship:                               July 2023-present 

Working under John Lucasey’s Management Company Lucasey Getter Creative Management. Duties include seeking out sync and publishing opportunities for John Lucasey’s clients/artists. Writing and submitting songs for L.G.C artists, as well as co-writing with L.G.C artists. Create Lyric videos for L.G.C artists as needed for singles. Create One Sheets for artists as needed. Assist with any and every task handed to me by John or his clients/artists. 


Film-Scoring and Soundtracks:                                                                                          March 2012-present

Scored various student films and short films. Scored various documentary films including, Radical Forgiveness and Living UNDONE, both directed and produced by Amanda Kazzy Cryer under the production companies AC Media Global, Rewired Collective and Unaccounted Films. As well as A Normandy Documentary by Black Rifle Coffee Company. I have written several songs for the soundtracks of numerous films including Living UNDONE, Radical Forgiveness, and Bloodloss.


Recording-Studios:                                                                                  Dec 2010-present

In 2010 I opened my own recording studio with Strokes producer Gordon Raphael and have since helped several friends build and open recording studios where I have worked. 



Red Fox Recording Studio-Bander, Tx Assistant Engineer               May 2023-present

Duties include assisting with studio recording, engineering, and producing 




Marcy Grace Music-San Antonio, Tx 

Marcy Grace artist manager  April 2023-present

Duties include setting up shows for artists, creating content, budgeting, and all other things needed for artist Marcy Grace.


Guitar and Piano Lessons-San Antonio, Tx 

Owner and Instructor   Dec 2011-present

Duties include teaching guitar and piano to students of all ages and at various levels from beginner to advanced.


Code B Productions- San Antonio, Tx

 Owner and booking agent October 2012-June 2016

Booked local and national acts for various venues, clubs, theaters, and festivals. Duties included building relationships with and contacting various booking agents to set up shows at local venues. 



Rapsody Studios-San Antonio, Tx 

Owner with Gordon Raphael    Dec 2010-Dec 2011

Owned and operated recording studio with Gordon Raphael who produced The Strokes, and Regina Spektor.




Dark Horse Institute – Franklin,TN                          March 2023-August 2023

Certificate in Music Business 


University Of Phoenix -San Antonio,TX                                                         2012-2012


Robinson Curriculum High school -Kalamazoo,MI                                      2003-2007