1. NashVegas

A soulful country tune with elements of blues and feel good vibes.
#country #soul


Well that Nashville skyline is setting
In my rear view mirror
And I wish it wasn't so cause my soul's
Buried there

See that town's gonna leave ya
With a music city fever
That you just can't bring down

Now I'm leaving Nashvegas
But I'll be back before long
Maybe next time I'll be famous
And they'll be singing my songs
Yeah those neons, stay on
In my mind constantly
Now I'm leaving Nashvegas
But it ain't leaving me

I’ve been at this so long California
Just don’t hit the same
I've been writing these sad songs
To drown out the noise of the rain

Now that I'm gone
I’m empty and alone
Wanna turn back and go the other way