1. Juju

This track is very much reminiscent of The Strokes "is this it" era, The Killers also in their early years, but also has elements of M83 incorporated in the synth parts. It is very much a catchy alt, indie, power-pop anthem and personally I see it workable in several genres of film but quite a few T.V. shows and even commercials as well, although the lyrics are a bit explicit in places.


Verse 1:
Well I got piss drunk and I got lit up then I shot up just for fun. Well she says wait don't stand in the rain things aren't great but you be ok. You will be mine just darlin not tonight honey that's fine I got time and your timings bad it always makes me sad and its such a drag to be kissed last.

Chorus: Oh mama sits alone in the dark who oh when life gets hard juju says its not all her fault whoa oh she's got bad cards everyone together apart whoa oh you went so far oh juju won't you give me your heart whoa oh we'll play it smart

Verse 2: Well please just don't leave me all alone I can't carry on when you go. Its fun to get lost after a few shots when she's gone bury my thoughts and these urban kids they act like they're not rich and it makes me sick but I don't know shit well in the end I'll act like its pretend will you then be my friend

Chorus: Oh mam cries her life is so dark whoa oh she's drinking hard juju admits that its her fault whoa oh she's lost her heart everyones off running so far whoa oh you came apart oh juju won't you give me your heart whoa oh we'll play not smart

Outro: oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh